What to Do with Winter Break?

What to Do with Winter Break

Finals have only been over for a few days and many students will already be wondering what in the world to do with their lives over Christmas break. Fortunately, there are a lot of amazing opportunities to take advantage of during the winter hiatus between semesters.

What to Do with Winter Break

1. Find a Short-term Job
Winter break is a lot shorter than summer and that leaves many students wondering if there is even enough time to search for a job. But the Christmas season is also full of small opportunities for making money. Many retailers and eateries hire extra help to cover the holiday rush. Families are headed out of town to visit relatives leaving pets and houses or driving to Christmas parties leaving young children.

If you don’t have a previous job to head back to during break, there are still many possibilities. Some of the best winter break jobs include:
•   Babysitting
•   Pet sitting
•   House sitting
•   Christmas light hanging and removal
•   Holiday retail

2. Start Work on Big Projects
Seniors and some juniors will have research projects looming in the spring semester. Some of these are important for graduation and building portfolios of their work. The winter break offers a great few weeks of free time to devote to work compiling research and identifying sources that can be used and compiled into the project next spring.

3. Read a Book for Fun
After 16 weeks of exhaustive reading and writing and more reading, picking up a book may sound like the farthest thing from your mind. But Christmas break can actually offer a fantastic chance to rekindle the love of reading. Catch up on the sci-fi stories you’ve heard everyone talking about or enjoy a classic novel. Check out the best seller’s list or pull out that funky book your aunt gave you last Christmas.

4. Catch Up on Credits
Many colleges offer winter terms where classes are condensed to just a few weeks. If your school does not offer winter classes or if you flew back home and aren’t near campus, you can take advantage of South University degree programs that host online classes.

5. Hit the Gym or the Slopes
After a long semester of studying, your body might need to catch up on some exercise. Take advantage of a guest pass that your parents may have for their gym. Work out at home with some basic equipment like medicine balls and weights. Jog or bike around the neighborhood. Other ways to let you body enjoy activity and also soak up the outdoors involve adventures like skiing or hiking nearby mountains.

With these ideas, you will be busy and productive during winter break. But don’t forget to sleep in because that’s what the break is actually about.