The Number One Choice for Accommodation in Perth

Perth, Western Australia is a city that is full of options when it comes to accommodations and one such accommodation is furnished apartments. Furnished apartments are very popular with travellers who have certain needs and requirements to make their journey and time in Perth more comfortable, enjoyable and memorable.

Furnished apartments offered by the likes of Furnished Properties Pty Ltd are all over Perth and are in some of the best locations, there’s Waterfront and Beach front properties that are perfect for those looking for a harbour or beach view in Perth. There are also the apartments in the Perth Central Business District (CBD) which, although limited in space, are in an excellent location for those who like to be in the thick of the hustle and bustle of Perth city life.

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Prices of a quality furnished apartment can be in a range from 700 to 1500 dollars per week, if they’re located in a popular destination such as the beach, the waterfront or the central business district (CBD) then they are going to be priced more, perhaps several hundred dollars a week more which could leave a large dent in your budget. If the apartments are in a much quieter neighbourhood then rates could be lower, the rental apartment website will sort the prices for you and show you the best deals in the area of Perth you want to be in.

As for the amenities then you need not worry as all apartments come with cable television installed and if you are in need of a pool or a gym facility then you might be paying more as not every property comes with that facility. Most of the apartments are extremely modern but there are some which have a vintage charm and even some with Victorian architecture. Again, these will probably not be in the centre of Perth and will most likely be out in the suburbs. Most apartment operators also offer weekly cleaning service if you do not have the time to do the washing and ironing.

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As far as the suburbs of Perth are concerned, Freemantle has some excellent quality and very affordable rental vacation homes that are available for both long term stays and short and are great for those who are travelling in a large group and those who are wishing to find a little solitude. For those who seek a peaceful vacation, there are some beautiful and relaxing beaches along the coastline that are perfect. The apartments and houses are among a more commercial district in Perth but there is plenty of scenery to keep those who love nature interested.

So the best place to look for the best quality furnished apartments for the right price definitely is online. There are a number of major rental property companies offering the best quality in rental accommodation in Perth and all you have to have in mind is where you want to stay in Perth and how much you’re looking to spend per week. The rental company will help you with every step of the process and if you’re a first time renter, there are many guides available as to what to look out for when looking for a property to rent. Pretty soon you’ll be an experienced traveller and you won’t want to go back to hotels or bed and breakfasts once you’ve rented a furnished property in Perth.