The Best Destination for a Memorable Africa Safari

The Best Destination for a Memorable Africa Safari

Africa is one of the places regarded as ideal for safaris. The region’s climate is perfect for the growth of various grasses and vegetation that make the region the ideal habitat for wild game. The big five wild animals such as the lion, leopard, elephant, buffalo, and the rhino are found in Africa. Other wild animals such as zebras, giraffes, numerous bird species, hyena, antelopes, and many others are found in the region.

There are numerous tourists’ destinations for a successful Africa safari. South Africa is one of the most popular among international and local visitors. It has plenty of unique attractions to offer to visitors. The country boasts of its massive number of reserves and national parks. Some of these include the Eastern Cape, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Malice, Garden Route, Zululand Cape Wine lands, Kruger Park and Brandenburg. Each one of these attractions has plenty to offer.

A South Africa Safari will be the most successful if proper plans are put in place. Visitors can either decide to conduct self-driven tours of the region or alternatively hire a tour guide firm. Tour guide firms such as are the best options since a team of professional guides have come together and combined their extensive knowledge thus leading to successful tours. Most of these experts have experienced some of the most challenging and riskiest tours. They have also mastered the geographic features of the region. With this stock of knowledge tour guides rarely fail in executing their plans. They offer tour packages at reasonable prices, and some of these packages are inclusive of accommodation.

One of the best places to be visited on a tour of South Africa is Cape Wine lands. Tourists find this region the most captivating with respect to its magnificent mountain ranges, beautiful vineyards, and amazing valleys. Visitors can follow various wine routes and get the chance of tasting wine at the estates located along these routes. Malice Game Reserve is also another attraction in South Africa. This is the 4th largest game reserve in South Africa and is home to the big five. It also has more than 340 species of birds. The reserve has ten thousand animals, which fall under 28 of major species.

The Kruger Park is also a favorite destination to many visitors. The park is the oldest park in Africa and together with other private game reserves in the Kruger area forms the best destinations for tourists. The park is home to the big five as well as other wild game that include cheetah, spotted hyena, zebra, wild dogs, warthog, various antelope species, and many others.

These parks together with others make south Africa one of the most preferred tourists destinations. Visitors who have been to South Africa always look back for a return visit and recommend the place to others. A visitor of South Africa once said that he admired a person who has never been to South Africa since there is plenty to look forward to.