Some reasons using a travel card is better than your bank card

Some reasons using a travel card is better than your bank card

After you’ve taken care of the major logistics of planning your overseas trip such as flights and accommodation, it’s time to get down to the natty gritty items. One such item is how you’re going to access money while you’re away. Here are some reasons why using a travel card is better than your bankcard.

Multiple currencies

With many travel cards you can load multiple currencies onto them so you can withdraw the local currency wherever you happen to be. This is especially useful for long trips where you may be changing countries every few days or weeks.

Lock in exchange rates

Travel cards make it possible to lock in exchange rates before you even leave home so that you’ll know exactly how much spending money you have while you’re away and won’t be taken by surprise if you end up having to withdraw money unexpectedly.

Independent card

A travel card is an independent card, meaning it is not linked to any other accounts or your internet banking, so you aren’t compromising your other funds if your travel cards are lost or stolen.

No fees

Most travel cards do not charge fees for withdrawals overseas, unlike bankcards that can cost you per transaction. You can also use your travel card to make Point of Sale purchases without paying a currency conversion fee.

High protection

These cards are pin and signature protected, offering you the highest level of security available so you don’t have to get nervous about someone stealing it and emptying the hard earned cash you’ve placed on there.

Widely available

Travel cards are available through many of the bigger banks in addition to independently via companies such as Traveler. This means that if you’re already with a bank that offers travel cards, you won’t have to worry about trying something new by using a completely different service.

Add cash wherever, whenever

A travel card can be loaded up via SMS, bank branches, over the internet or at Traveler branches so they’re incredibly convenient.

No surprises

Because you’re planning everything in advance with a travel card, you can avoid any last minute catastrophes ruining your overseas trip, such as major fluctuations in currency conversion.

Avoid carrying too much cash

Unfortunately there are some dodgy people out there so carrying a big wad of cash is never a good idea when travelling. A travel card negates the need to withdraw too much cash at once, just to avoid paying ATM fees, and means you are less of a target for unscrupulous tourist cons.

Getting a travel card makes sense for a lot of reasons, especially if you are travelling to a country that is a little dangerous or has security problems. Even if you aren’t, there’s no such thing as a 100 % safe destination, and it really does pay to have your finances sorted before you go. Visit Travel Money Oz for further information.

Some reasons using a travel card is better than your bank card

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