Finding Quirk in London at its Offbeat Attractions

Finding Quirk in London at its Offbeat Attractions

Everyone knows about the famous London attractions and its popular culture. But knowing them is just not enough if you are visiting it the 3 or 4th time. And not at all enough if this is your 6th or 7th visit to London. If you are visiting this city over and again, then include these offbeat and uncanny plans to your itinerary.

Explore the not so known part of London, where it is a bit quirky, and a lot cryptic. Reach these spots to uncover the hidden secrets. And it is the best idea to stay at a nearby London hotel, from where you can simply hop in to these fascinating places!


All Hallows by the Tower

Finding Quirk in London at its Offbeat Attractions

Past: All Hallows by the Tower is the oldest church of London city. It dates back to 675, when it was built by the Saxon Abbey. What is mystery behind? You will find the structure of this church to be an old roman construction. You will be able to trace the Roman history behind its walls. This All Hallows Church is located by the Tower of London, which brings its obvious connection to the royalty in a visitor’s mind. And it did have its deep connection with the royal life of that era. In past, Edward IV made this church the burial place of the victims that violently suffered death at the Tower of London. It is also believed to be the place of eternal rest for Richard I. This church was subjected to destruction twice in past, once when the gunpowder caught fire in the courtyard, and next time when the Great Fire of London almost swallowed its existence.

Today: Today it can be visited to find the collection of Roman artifacts, tessellated floor of roman era. Besides, it also hosts organ recitals, daily prayer, wee sing and the enlightening weekly Taine which is a brilliant spiritual experience. Take a complete taste of this attraction by visiting it.


The Greenwich Foot Tunnel?

Finding Quirk in London at its Offbeat Attractions

What is it? The best of London is where you cannot find it easily. There is that uncanny feeling of being hidden from the world. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel might feel impossibility, as it is 50 feet in the River Thames. It runs on a 1,217 long track with around two hundred thousand white tiles glazing on the tunnel walls. There is a flight of stairs on both the sides of rivers to come up. Or you can also take a lift, and it will carry you above. This architectural wonder is a work of Alexander Bennie. This long pedestrian tunnel connects London to isle of Dogs and docks. This tunnel also connects you to Catty Shark Gardens, Island gardens and Greenwich.

Reach it: Reach it on Catty Shark Gardens in London, and talk a trip on foot to the Island Gardens.


Trace the Vampires

Finding Quirk in London at its Offbeat Attractions


You can follow the trail of Vampire stories in north London. Stand on the Junction road, and you might come across something ghastly, as a vampire scene. The vampire lore tells us that once on 13th March, people came together at this cemetery, to destruct a vampire. It is said to be the place of Lad Tapes a Romanian ruler, which was the real Dracula. Your trip over here will cost you 5-6 pounds, and you will get to hear a lot of stories related to vampires from the British Occult Society. Find out how much are you able to believe and feel.

Fact Finding: You might have to pay something to be able to attend this session, but you will have the time of your life over here, if you have an interest in the occult. Hear the story of the undead, as told by the British Occult Society.


The Bar with No-Name

Finding Quirk in London at its Offbeat Attractions

Yes, there is a bar in London with no-name at all. People, who know it, visit it. They come here frequently, and spread the word about it to a few close ones only. Have you ever passed through the Cole brook Row? Did a bar ever register to you there? Well, if not then there is this unknown quirky cocktail bar without a name, open daily from 17:00 till late at night. You will find people talking about it as 69 Cole brook Row. Spend your time over here with nigh lovers of the city.

Reason it is hidden: This bar is hidden, and the reason behind keeping this hidden is, that people who truly appreciate the place should only know about it. The bar owner does not want to crowd the bar with lot of people.

These rare and unknown corners of the city have the most alluring stories and structures hidden. Uncover the unknown and cryptic London, layer by layer, by visiting these places.