Alicante, a Nice Holiday Destination

Alicante, a Nice Holiday Destination

Alicante, located on the southeast side of the country at the Mediterranean coast of Spain, is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The historic Mediterranean port city is second largest city in Spain. Many Mediterranean travelers stay in the port of Alicante. There are lots of things to see at here. This city has long distances full covered with beautiful sandy beaches with palm-shaded walkway.

Alicante offers to visitors to get a chance to simple real life. This city attracts to the sun lovers, water sports fan, golfers, naturists and families to its narrow streets, restaurants with various types of delicious paella on the menu, Spanish tapas bars and great shopping facilities. Visitors, who like art and culture, love the exhibits of treasures including the Roman and Moorish sculptures, medieval draperies and artistic works by Dali and Picasso which are used in museums and houses of the city. Alicante is famous for its excellent shopping opportunities with a large central market selling everything. The streets town offer excellent good deal and memento chasing at the conventional craft shops, markets stalls stored and designer outlets.

Sitting at top of the city, the Castle of Santa Barbara is probable the most famous and popular attraction in Alicante. If you will travel through ship, when your ship pulls into harbor you can get an excellent view of it. This castle was built in 9th century and it was opened for public in 1963. This is one of the historical castles where you can find elevators to go up.

The walkway Esplanade de Espuma is another magnificent vision to see in Alicante. In fact, it is famous as the most beautiful public walk in all of Spain. As this promenade extends, it is lined totally by palm trees and covered with 6.5 million marble stones. In the evening, it is filled with people as a popular meeting place. There are also lots of cultural programs which attract people in the promenade.

Without a trip to Alicante’s beaches your trip will never complete. Prostitute Beach is most popular beach in Alicante. It’s a long stretch of beautiful soft sand. After taking a dip beautiful waters, you can get pleasure from a tasty al fresco lunch available on any beach cafés. With your whole family, you will love to ride in a tram along the coast to charming Campbell, trip in boat to the small island of Tamarac and also to visit Ben dorm. There are also lots of water parks, theme parks and zoos along the seaside for family days out. Alicante is a large city with plenty of green space with several gardens, woodland and parks where you can arrange a picnic and enjoy the surrounding. There are wide ranges of various dining menus including traditional Spanish restaurants in Alicante. There are also plenty of cafés and bars in the city for a quiet relaxing break.

There are also lots of ways to travel to this popular summer spot, both from other cities and countries. Flights, buses, cars, and trains are generally used for travel convenience to get reach at here. There are domestic charter flights are available from other major Spanish cities and also European ones. There are plenty of buses, taxis to get to the airport. But for better and luxurious journey, you must go with Alicante airport taxi. Hire an Alicante taxi in advance is the best way to explore the city. To discover so many attractive places, City Airport Taxis are most cost effective transport option.