6 Reasons why it’s worth booking a serviced apartment in Hong Kong

6 Reasons why it’s worth booking a serviced apartment in Hong Kong

There are plenty of reasons why it’s worth booking a serviced apartment in Hong Kong. Not only will you get to stay in a fully furnished and fully serviced accommodation, you’ll also get to experience a good alternative to expensive hotel check-ins. So whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, a serviced lodging will always welcome you in the city.

Reason #1: Serviced apartments are usually cheaper than conventional hotel accommodations

A serviced apartment functions just like a hotel. But they get to offer their guests a few more exclusive treats. But other than being a cheaper alternative to expensive hotel stays, serviced lodgings will also help you save big. You can probably save about 30% when choosing for this particular type of lodging.

Reason #2: There are no minimum stays when you book a serviced apartment

Booking a stay in a serviced accommodation will not require you to remain in the apartment for any set time. There’s no minimum days/nights required, since you’ll be given the luxury to book your preferred timeframe. This is actually another way for you to save big, since you’ll get to enjoy the benefits of staying in an apartment on your preferred arrangement (you can opt to stay for a few days, weeks or just a few months).

Reason #3: You can choose which serviced accommodation to stay in when in Hong Kong

There are plenty of providers that offer serviced accommodations in Hong Kong. Just take for example V SERVICED APARTMENTS. They have branches in the city (Causeway Bay, Happy Valley, and Wan Chain) that are near major transport links. You can easily choose to reside in any of the branches, as most of these are already situated in some of the city’s dynamic locations. Moreover, these establishments stand as independent entities, which is an advantage on your end because you’ll get to choose the things that’ll best work for you during your stay.

Reason #4: Serviced apartments are more spacious than most hotel rooms

One of the benefits of staying in a serviced accommodation is that you get to have more space to move around. ‘Your home away from home’ will be able to offer you the usual facilities such as a bedroom, en suite bathroom, living room and kitchen.

Reason #5: Serviced apartments are usually booked for their space and kitchen

Conventional hotel rooms usually don’t have kitchenettes. But a serviced accommodation does. So instead of ordering expensive room service or dining out, you can always find the right kitchen resources to prepare your own meals.

Most kitchens already come fully equipped with the latest cookware and kitchenware, refrigerator, microwave and more. So what more can you ask for? There’s certainly no set time for meals, as long as you have your own kitchenette to use.

Reason #6: Easy online and/or telephone bookings

The flexibility and convenience of booking a serviced lodging can be done either online or via telephone. Most providers will offer you their free and real-time booking services (no extra or hidden charges), with instant confirmation. That’s certainly quality service guaranteed!

6 Reasons why it’s worth booking a serviced apartment in Hong Kong